Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may sound like another IT buzz word, but probably you are already using it! Cloud omputing is widely used by users everyday in various format. Apple’s iCloud, Google Docs, Netflix video streaming, Dropbox’s cloud storage service, and even social networking services like Facebook and Twitter are using one or the other form of cloud computing. Even the definition of cloud computing may be different depending on who you ask.

Optimulation provides CFD services using the cloud. By “the cloud”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we get every result “synced’. But we reserve computers in the cloud to solve our problem in CFD. To us, cloud computing is like a supercomputer on demand.

Simulation of a realistic problem is computationally expensive. Scale of the most extensive calculation is breaking the record every year. Parallel computing on supercomputer is crucial to resolve the flow to the smallest length scale for the problem.  However, investing on our own computing nodes comes with high risk. Usually the cost comes down to the client with huge project fee. By purchasing the computing hour from the cloud, Optimulation can access the most current machine while maintaining the sustainability. Combined with open-source CFD solver, OpenFOAM, our clients are happy with our competitive price. Please contact us here or at info@optimulation.com to get your estimate. Currently, Optimulation is using Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) as the primary computing resource.

Google Trends result of "cloud computing" in 2011


Historically, CFD study has evolved with climate research. It’s fitting that cloud computing can be used to predict the cloud.